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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Mid-Decadal Loot

We celebrated a mid-Decadal birthday this week...I say we because all I did was sit back and enjoy the fruits of other people's labor!

A sampling of the loot:

This is how well people know me; a large vintage plastic sheep, black licorice, Benedictine & brandy, Beer!, a new cookbook, a new Terry Pratchett book, soap shaped like sheep with a wee wooden soap dish, honey, hand lotion and handmade textiles. My books in the photo were tampered with (you can't see the spines). Will used the cookbook to make a yummy mid-eastern pork dish with roasted veggies from our garden and Lime bars for dessert.

Sadly, yesterday morning also brought bad news. A coyote made it into our fowl pen and made away with three of the of the two Pekins left is missing a chunk from her back but is getting around okay and it doesn't look too awful after cleaning it up a bit. Completely freaked out, they now go into their little house voluntarily when I go out in the evening and I've been shutting them in. Hopefully Bob is reunited with the other three and isn't cursing me for a fool.

BoB(the sheep) comes tomorrow....

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  1. Wish you a merry christmas.
    Best wishes from Germany