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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Snow Storm Status

I apologize in advance for the cruddy is getting on to O'dark:30 here.

Predicted snow out of this storm is 8-14 inches.

We use the back rail of the porch as our measuring spot. There are currently 5 inches resting on top of the rail. The bulk of the snow and accompanying wind comes tonight.

These are the lilacs on the south side of the house just off the bunny porch.

Tonight's holiday concert at school was cancelled, and I think they may be planning to throw the towel in on tomorrow's school day. No commitment yet.

Cinnamon, sugar, and toasted hazelnut rugelach in the oven. Will have jugs of water filled for ourselves and the animal just in case, and candles strategically located. We likely won't need them!

My vacation starts tonight.....woohoo!



  1. 5 inches of new snow and the night of the storm is young ! White Christmas for sure ! Enjoy the storm...wind and snow. Nothing but greenery here...I planted garlic today...a tad late but better than leaving it in the bag to rot...and it just might take root. Happy blizzard; stay home and make hot chocolate. xoxoxo

  2. Nice that you got snow. We got an inch or so this evening -just enough to make the roads treacherous. We're on vacation too! Woo hoo.