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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I am a Schacht Dealer!

I am VERY pleased to say, that we will be carrying Schacht spinning wheels and accessories
 here at the farm!  We will also be able to supply weavers and order looms and accessories for weaving!

Jane Patrick had called and left a message on our phone and the soonest I could call her was on a fifth grade trip to Mackinac Island (in Lake Huron in the Straits of Mackinac).  I called her after lunch while sitting across from the fountain on the lawns of the Grand idealic spot to recieve such exciting news!  I will have a post soon with some Lila Photos from the Island.

Now I have to decide what to order....

In other news....on the last day of school, Duncan (sitting on the edge of the slide and looking over) fell off the slide at school and fractured his arm.  He has a torus fracture across both bones just above the wrist and was rushed to the emergency room for x-rays and a temporary cast.  He goes today to the orthopedic surgeon for a permanent cast.  He is most excited about getting to choose the color.  He isn't excited about us hollering at him to slow down, quit running, stop fooling around, all our parental paranoia about him hurting his arm more.  This one is helping to speed up the graying process.
We shall receive instructions from the Doctor I'm sure about what he can and cannot do.  Soccer starts next week,and of course, Grandma Marilyn brought up a trampoline for summer fun.

...and...David Keir is coming to shear our sheep this week!  Thursday I think.... 
They are SO ready.

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