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Friday, May 25, 2012

Jewell and Smore

Before this past Christmas/Yule holiday I posted about Duncan's hearts desire from Olde St. Nick: a pet that would live longer than a year (he inherited a couple of used hamsters that didn't live long and a couple of mice which biologically have short life spans and all this death was evidently taking a toll on puir wee Duncan's psyche).

Enter, Jewell.

Jewell was only six weeks old when she came.
Two weeks into pet ownership, Jewell developed an abcess that required a visit to the vet, where it was lanced and squeezed and cleaned out with peroxide.  It was a stressful event for her (and me!) and she nearly died of shock in my hands at the vet (imagine trying to describe to the child whose only present request from Santa was for a pet because his keep dying what happened to his new sweet Guinea Pig two weeks after she arrived...).  But, all turned out well.

However, Guinea's are herd animals and generally live longer more healthy lives in groups.

Last week, This little squirt came to live with us.

Her name is Smore.  You know, because she is marshmallow, dark chocolate, and caramel colored!

Smore is tiny compared to Miss Jewell, and is likely 6-7 weeks old.

They seem to be getting along famously, and Smore enjoys chin scratches and ear rubs like her big buddy.

If you haven't had a guinea pig before, I suggest visiting with one.  They are adorable wee things and very appreciative of your company (if they aren't terrified of you that is).  They fit well into our household and part of my early morning routine includes giving out some chin rubs...and getting affection in return.
If Duncan wants to move them into his room I'll be sad!


  1. When I was a wee one, I had Dougall and Fudge, both lovely guinea pigs. Dougall was all black and Peruvian, with long swirled hair that made its own spirally patterns. Fudge was chocolatey brown and white, a Dutch guinea pig, with the v-shaped nose pattern. They were both delightful. I would gladly have another. My Iowa shelter used to have them for adoption but none of the shelters here have little critters like that.

  2. Love them both...Jewel and Smore. They looks soft and sweet. I suppose you will be spinning their cast off hairs and weaving afghans for faeries?

    Poor Duncan. You must post a pic of his broken arm cast so we know what color he picked. I am guessing purple or saffron.