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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sheep Shearing Day

It has been a busy couple of weeks around the farm! 
The kids are out of school, we've had weather in the mid 80's and have hit freezing once or twice in the past two weeks.  Very difficult gardening weather.  Little rain also.

One of the most notable recent events was that the Sheep were Shorn!  David Keir once again came to us via Wisconsin to shear on May 31st. Here he is working his wizardry.

Chunk volunteered to go first.  She always does! 
 I think she is in love with David based on the look on her face.
She is hoping he has cookies in his pocket.

Liz in the "headlock" pose. I love the way the fleece just peels away from the sheep so smoothly.

I realize you can't see much of the sheep here...but look at his arms!!

This is Fancy getting her summer Fancy do.

Being delicate around Fancy's ears.

Cameo.  She has a large fleece; spotted fawn and white which makes a nice oatmeal color blended.

Zanzibar, our sheep with the identity crisis.  She hangs out with the llamas.  She is a musket colored Shetland with a very fine fleece (so we forgive her eccentricities).

Deja...the silvery black sheep goddess of the flock.

I think this must be Beltane, Deja's son.  He has a lovely dark taupe fleece that is wicked soft.

Snowball, one of the silly Olde English Southdown Babydoll sheep. 
I added this photo mainly because of the onlookers in the background.  Chunk just couldn't drag herself away and I had to keep shooing her out of the barn.

The other babydoll- Cocoa!  I wouldn't know where on earth to start on these hairy beasts.

The final product!

Now the hard work begins!  The fleece must be washed....

I'll have some more updates soon.  Some end of the school year kid photos and fun.

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  1. Snowball & cocoa ..fat & cute and the others so concerned. I love this entry because it brings me back in time to when I had 3 or 4 sheepies...and my shearer lived up the road a few miles away in Strafford...and was also named David. And his skill at shearing was a wonder to watch. He also sat each one on their bums somehow and zoomed the electric shears. I think I traded fleeces for shearing... I think it is a bit traumatic for the sheepies...that man who may as well be armed, so think the helpless sheepies...& maybe he eats sheep. I bet they are glad the shearing is over.