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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

200th post Winner!

After eliminating the relatives* and taking the comments in the order that they were submitted I ended up with four people in the drawing.  Using the True Random Number Generator at, Comment number four was the winner!  So,


Give me a shout so we can arrange to send your goody package!

* about eliminating the relatives....You were only eliminated from this drawing.  However, if you want me to bring you any knitting needles or spinning fiber this summer let me know!  :)  I'd be happy to oblige.


  1. HUH. Fooled ya. I am Ikkinlala! Send me the goods!

    1. Just kidding...only Aunt Bonnie .

    2. Well Aunt Bonnie, you'll need some needles to go along with that yarn so let me know your preference! :)