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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Nine, Sam I am!

Some Pictures of the Big Guy on his Big Day.

Duncan made him the hat; I made the gift wrap with a rubber stamp I carved...more on that later!

Looker On-ers

Intent on the wind chime from Aunt Bonnie

Good title for a book!

He was saying "Awesome!" about the Playmobil dragon inside the box.

 This one was hard to open!

Can you figure out what this is supposed to be?  I thought it looked like a cross between a guinea pig and Gollum from the Hobbit.  (It is supposed to be a guinea named "Smore"...more on that later too!)

 Fervent birthday wishes.  I wonder what it was for?!?

Duncan looks like he is ready to help!
It was a good day.


  1. I wish you guys were closer. What a lovely day. ( I thought it was a gp the first glance!)

  2. Love the birthday posts. Can you believe Sam is 9? Holy macaroni !