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Monday, April 23, 2012

200th post giveaway

I just realized that the MCACA post was the 200th post on this site!  We should celebrate N'est pas??

First though, here is what has been going on in our neck of the woods.

Eggs!  Of all sizes and shapes. 
The first one is a "hiccup" egg which was wee tiny and weighed .41 ounces.
The middle egg is your average egg (darn- forgot to weigh it!).
The third egg was an 'I can believe she survived that" egg.  It was 3.47 ounces.  Double yolked and huge!

We found another hiccup egg by the waterer that was almost round.  The first one was found there too, like when the hen bends over the wee thing just pops right out...a "what was that??" moment.

Pork!  From my friend Sara's farm. 
Yummy organic goat milk fed pig (she has dairy goats too and evidently an excess of milk).
These pork chops were pan cooked in Marsala wine, garlic (ours), thyme, salt and pepper.  A slightly modified recipe from "Mastering the Art of French Cooking"; a must have cook book.

There are now TWENTY pounds of home grown bacon in our freezer.  I'm giddy!

Fiddle lessons! 
Once a week, our friend Jeff is teaching Lila the rudiments of handling her fiddle....

and squeaking out some notes on it also.  Practice Practice Practice!

Garden expansion!  Will is connecting all of the beds in the front yarn adjacent to the front pasture.  I need to get out there and figure out how much space that is big!  There are perennial beds scattered amongst the veggies and it is a lovely sight in the summer.

He has had a consistant helper...this Auracana hen follows him around and picks out any beetle larvae, worms or ants he might drop out of those clods of sod.  It is very funny to watch her out there.

So, that leads us to the 200th post giveaway!

I'd like to give someone luxury fiber samples to give a whirl on their spinning wheel or drop spindle.  Or, for a non-spinning winner some bamboo knitting needles to try out.  Just leave a comment on this post by Monday April 30th.  On May 1st I will select a winner using a random number generator!

We may also have a litter of guinea pigs by then as well....


  1. congrats on your 200th post..i would love to win something yummy to spin :)

  2. I would LOVE a gardening helper like that, but I'd "settle" for luxury fiber samples!

  3. The pork chops look yummy. The fiddle lessons look like fun too. I played the viola. I've got baby bunnies coming on Saturday. I decided we needed to have one last litter.

  4. Guineas are so sweet. It looks like a lovely spring with dreams and plans for a great summer garden. I have one of my raised beds set up as a hot house. I have lettuce, carrots, bail, watermelon and cucumbers up in it! Inside I have tomatoes, basil, only one pepper so far, and several perinnels up! Love to you all, Aunt Mary
    Ps reading your blog is prize enough for me.

  5. Yeah for the double hundred....and thankful that randomly chosen winner does NOT get a baby guinea pig for a prize. Love the expanded garden! It will look even better with some tomato plants . Auntie BonBon

  6. Do you get those giant eggs on a regular basis? My parents have a hen right now that seems to lay a double-yolked egg every few days.

  7. PS: Also love the photos of Lila with violin, and of Will with hand rototiller & beautiful barn n the background, AND would like to register the wish that IF I should be randomly drawn, I WOULD LIKE CLOVER OR BLACKBERRY JELLYBEAN OR DALILAH as a prize IF you would agree to keep him/her for me. Yummy bunnies ! XOXO

  8. Due to quarantine regulations pirates are not allowed to import guinea pigs. Congrats on your blog. It is on my reading list. 14 more treatments to go. Love from the Old Fossil or Ancient Pirate