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Thursday, April 21, 2011

llama fiber

Last trip up, my Mum picked up our dehaired llama fiber from Zeilingers (thanks again Mom!).  I'm really happy the way it turned out.  It is super soft!!!  They also sent us the hair from the dehair and I guess that will be used as mulch in the garden...unless we want to make some rope from it!  It is pretty coarse stuff.
Pikachu's fiber was really full of VM and most of it came out.  There is a little bit of small VM in it but it is definitely workable!
"Ha!  I'll be rolling in the dirt, hay and llama poo before you know it!"

This is Igraine's fiber.  It is a rich reddish brown.  For some reason the photos made it look a wee bit orange.

This is Igraine when she was just a few days old with her mother Llilith.  This next shearing we will have double the amount of brown fiber since all of Llilith's manky coat was removed last year (and composted).  The old broken down log pig barn in the back was pulled down a couple of years ago before we put up the new barn.  It was very cool looking but not useful at all unfortunately.

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