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Friday, April 15, 2011

Stealing from the Trees time

The past few weeks we've been stealing from the trees....
Note the serious lack of snow on the ground!

It has been a rather short sap season for us.  Few warm super sunny days and the nights have been too warm.  Just sort of grey....

It's always fun to get a drink of cold sweet sap out of the buckets.
The ride back and forth to the tapped trees is fun too.  Dad is a good rickshaw driver.

Everyone helps collect sap.  Even me, sometimes when I'm not taking pictures.  Will does most of the work though.
It's all about the ride...

Will has been busy these past couple of days boiling sap down, when it hasn't rained. We probably won't collect much more sap though the buckets are still on the trees...potentially another run at the end of the week (which means the weather will be getting worse).  Many people who have boiled down are saying the sugar content of the sap is higher which means a higher yield on the regular 40:1 ratio.  We shall see!

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