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Monday, May 2, 2011

Bunny Watch

It's that time of season again....I'm on bunny watch. 

All the expectant mothers are in hutches on the front porch and had their spring housecleaning over the weekend.  Nest boxes are in and stuffed with shiny bright straw.  Some of the mummies had already started pulling wool so that was placed in the box too.  Mo decided she'd pee in hers so I had to clean it out and put it in a different location which seems to have worked.

Dalilah and Buffy are at 31 days tomorrow.  I can feel babies moving around in Dalilah after gently placing my hand on her lower abdomen.  I couldn't tell or not if Buffy had much going on...maybe one or two babies?  She is getting up there in age (Four) so she may not have taken.  She hasn't pulled any wool yet so we shall see...I was looking forward to seeing what she and Butterbur would produce so my fingers are crossed!  Mocha will be at 31 days Wednesday, and I could feel some bunnies in her as well.  Nothing cuter than a nest box full of kits!  I only wish the weather was a bit warmer.


  1. Keep us posted. I can't wait to see what colors you get

  2. Portraits of the babies as soon as their fur is presentable please !!!!