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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Breeding Bunnies

After what seemed to be along and painful decision about what bunnies to breed I finally did it.  For some reason, I needed to see visually what my options were so I did Punnet Squares (remember Genetics?) for my possible pairs and made a decision that way.  The lovely Dalilah (the black bunny below) was paired with the equally black Blackberry Jellybean. 
I haven't bred Jellybean before, though his brother Bigwig was paired with Dalilah last year and they had a litter of 8 lovely kits!  I found out that both Dalilah and Bigwig carry the vienna gene (though they aren't marked which is "supposed to be" unusual) through that breeding.  I guess we'll find out if Jellybean carries it as well!  Part of the reason I chose blackberry to sire this litter was to hopefully find out what some of the genes he carries.  Dalilah is aa Bb C_  Dd E_ Vv.  Jellybean is aa Bb C_D_E_V_.  It would be nice to find out if they both carry dilute or an extension.  I'm still kinda fuzzy on the vienna gene (Vv) and my understanding of it is that you don't have to have cc in order to exhibit the gene and get a blue eyed white bunny.  If anyone knows, please clue me in!
Blackberry, of course, was quite happy to be of service.

Mocha (aa bb Cc D_ E_ VV) was paired up with Bigwig (Aa Bb C_ D_ E_ Vv) for a line breeding and again to smoke out some very likely recessive d's and e's.  I'm primarily breeding for a heavy wool coat (I just took five ounces off of Mocha in one clipping) and temperament (Bigwig is a sweetie). I wanted some agouti babies too!  It was a most enthusiastic breeding.

Buffy (aa B_ Cc Dd ee Vv) will be paired with Butterbur (aa bb chl_ Dd ee VV).  I'm especially eager to see what this pair produces and maybe solve some mysteries with their genes as well.  I'm still not really sure if Butterbur is ch or chl!

Everyone is due May 4th or 5th.
  I haven't been able to post because I misplaced my download cord for the camera...lots of other things to report on including a visitor we had living with us for two weeks!  I need a faster download connection for that though....just a teaser.

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