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Monday, April 18, 2011

April Showers?

Saturday morning looked like this.  Fortunately, the roads were okay to go to Spinning and Art Class.
Sunday morning looked like THIS!!!  That is the ground behind the shrubbery, not the sky.  Sheesh.  All week this is supposed to go on...Fortunately we changed sheep coats on Friday!
Nonetheless, Spring must go on and so we colored eggs in an ancient fertility ritual.
These are bantam eggs from our chickens.  The dye took differently on the eggs that had natural warty type spotting.
Coolest Easter Eggs we've done yet!
Lila experimented with taping.....
....and finished her first knitting project ever!  I'm still working on my sock...getting to the heel flap now.  Life will become more complicated I think!


  1. Your daughter's scarf is beautiful and I know just how you feel about your socks! I finally completed my first pair (after 10 years of knitting!) and promptly knit a second pair...

    LOVE your blog! Thanks for stopping by mine.

  2. Never mind the scarf, your daughter is beautiful. She looks adorable in that picture !! Finally got my computer back from the shop & am catching up.

  3. I missed being with you for Easter and for maple season which were not in the same week this year!