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Tuesday, December 21, 2010


And so the wheel turns yet again to winter...tonight the longest night of the year.  We celebrate by burning the Yule log from sunset to sunrise to beat back the night and symbolically call forth the sun.
I'm beat though.  I thought I'd try to stay up last night to catch the full lunar eclipse...the next one that coincides with the winter solstice won't be for another 400 years so it was now or never....but at 12:30 still no movement.  Fortunately I awoke around 3:45 and the moon very conveniently was outside our bedroom window.  I nudged Will awake (I think, or he woke up because I was making the bed wiggle moving around to get a good look) and we admired the amber moon glow of the full eclipse. Verra cool.  So tonight, we shared a bottle of spiced wine warmed on the stove that was a birthday gift from a friend and wrapped some gifts for the kids, and Lila's birthday presents.  I hear the siren call of sleep now.  I'd like to read a few more pages of the Princess Bride, but would only be to bounce the spine of the book on the floor for naught.

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