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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It is Winter.

A few wintery photos taken this week.  I have been remiss on posting- will catch up soon!   We did not find the wee spotted mouse....
 The best time to see a black dog is in the snow!

 Waters can't bear to look...
 The woolies like their new snug barn!
 Fancy says it is safer outside....the goats are in the barn.
Isn't it cute???


  1. O my, the barn is indeed so gosh darn cute ...even in the snow. Wreaths even... Love the pic of the sheep looking out the door, with Fancy outside in the snow. How snug for all of them to have a shelter from the northern winter weather. And is that Harbour Grace in the Newfie pics, with Ce Ce's feet in the upper portion of the photo? I hope Gracie finally has a grown up portrait ! We are enduring very cold temps here, but no snow in the southern flatlands yet. Happy Christmas to the woolies and other species !!

  2. Your sheep barn is cuter than CUTE! Oh my, I LOVE it! And your Newfies are adorable...some day!