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Monday, December 13, 2010

We're Famous!

Well probably only if you listen to Northern Michigan University (NMU) Public Radio, and if you happened to be listening last Thursday morning.

When we first moved to the Upper Peninsula, after having Lila, Will used to go for long walks.  L-o-n-g walks that lasted for miles and took hours.  Will pushed Lila in her jogging stroller over all sorts of terrain....once they even stared eye to eye with a bobcat!  Any-who, one day when Will was pushing Lila, Ruthette stopped and asked us all to their annual fourth of July picnic.  Long story short, we have been friends with Doug & Ruthette (otherwise known as Dougette) since that fateful day ten years ago.  Dougette have two children, Rachel and Laurel.  Laurel is a junior at NMU majoring in art, and Rachel (who graduated with a BA and MA from NMU) is an adjunct professor in english at NMU.  We have watched them grow from young girls into young adults, and have spent every Christmas Eve at their house these ten not-so-long years.

As I mentioned, Rachel is an english major and is renowned for her mastering of the short story.  NMU annually around the holidays invites people to submit their "Holiday Remembrances" (click here).  This year Rachel submitted a lovely short story of her cherished memories from her growings up at Dougettes, way out in the boonies in the UP (she works in the big city of Marquette).  Since we have been a fixture at their family Christmas Eve's the past decade we were included in the story.  It isn't a story about us, but a story about the holiday traditions of a family we love.  Maybe in that way it shows how we have become a part of their family and they of ours. 

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  1. This is a wonderfully descriptive story of one family's Christmas even traditions. I loved hearing it because I have been to Doug and Ruthette's wonderful house by the lake. I could travel around with Rachel as she described certain places in the house...and oh, was I with her on the red sled speeding down the big hill to the lake. Naturally I could see all your shining faces around the table ready to share a wonderful meal...I love this story. Thanks for sharing it !!