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Friday, December 10, 2010

Da Tree

Traditionally, our Christmas/Yule/Winter Solstice Tree is bought on the weekend of my Birthday.  So, last weekend we traipsed to Anderson's Tree Farm in Newberry to select one lucky fir tree to sacrifice itself to decorate our home.  Not a bad way to celebrate a Birthday!
Every year Lila is on the searh for the biggest and best tree.
Sam is just into having fun and getting as wet as possible...
...and he always looks like he is up to something!
 Duncan mostly stayed on the sled.  He realized that I could pull him faster when the other two were off the sled looking at trees so I spent most of my time slinging him around.
Photo op at the end of the trip, Friday Evening.
Saturday morning Will brought in the tree to defrost before decorating.  Will is approximately five feet ten inches tall so you can see that Lila got her way on the size of the tree.  Actually, the one she REALLY wanted was too big to fit into our tree holder.  It was also probably 12-14 feet tall!  This lovely Caanan fir is nine-ish feet tall.
Next went on the ornaments.  Well, technically the lights went on first.  We sent the kids out of the room while we were doing the lights because it is a time of utmost concentration and frustration and the questions about "when will we be able to put the ornaments on?  Are you done yet?  What is taking so long?" are not very welcome or constructive!

Ginger the cat was very interested in the proceedings and sat over the tree while it was being decorated.  He has removed low  hanging ornaments but so far hasn't climbed the tree.  That did happen to us once a few years ago (different cat) and the tree came crashing down, ornaments smashed, etc...  We have learned to tie the tree to a few strategic spots on the logs.
The weekend culminated in a lovely dinner party on Sunday- Will cooked Thai for me, we had a tiny keg of "Bell's Best Brown Ale" and only one of our guests ended up in the ditch (on the way to the party)!  AND goat hooves were trimmed and sheep coats changed!  A very productive weekend. 


  1. Are you sure Ginger is a cat and not an orange raccoon? Looks like great fun

  2. Happy Birthday Sherry. Thanks for sharing the tree gathering birthday weekend with us. Great pics in the snow. We saw the national weather a bit ago and it looks like you may be getting slammed again; the entire mid west is plowing. It has been raining all day here and when I came home from a meeting at 5, was 48 degrees !!! Yeah California winter...may it continue. Meanwhile, you all look fabulous in the snow....and the tree looks magnificent...that Lila has a great eye for a perfect tree. Ginger reminds me of the spotted mouse...any sign of him yet?