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Friday, December 31, 2010

Ten is a big responsibility

Lila turned 10 on December 23rd!

She had a hoard of gifts that she opened prior to her friends coming over for her dinner party.  She wanted to open them before they got there because she felt bad that she received so many gifts and her friends may not have had so many.  I thought that was rather sweet and it took me a while catch my breath.  I'm glad that she recognizes that not everyone is as well off as others and that she is concerned about it.

After the girls arrived, we had dinner- Pizza, crab rangoons and fresh veggies and dip.  This was Lila's meal request!  Then Lila opened her presents from her friends.

Afterwards, as is traditional, we made gingerbread creations. Each child gets a blog of mollasses cookie dough and they make what they want with it.  Out come the imaginations and the sprinkles!  Of course, as parents showed up I was still pulling cookies out of the oven so some came in and had cake.  This was the beginning of the holiday chaos.  Now I am late getting home for lunch so alas, have to leave the high speed internet connection at the library....more another day.


  1. Thanks for focusing on the family holidays here. I love the birthday pics, Sherry AND all the Christmas ones. Tommy's girls are so big. Weren't those three MacKinon kids tired when their dad was reading A Cajun Christmas !!! I bet they slept through the old guy's visit. I could almost be there through the festivities...and some day before it is too late, I want to come to make molasses cookie creations on Lila's birthday !!! Watch for my email will have a picture of another Lila and Sam that I met on the street one evening last week on my way out of yoga class in Dover.