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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pumpkin Feeding Frenzy

It's that time of year again...the annual pumpkin feast!  Large sized pumpkins were marked down to $1.25 so Will played "putting the pumpkin" into the pen (kinda like the Putting the stone competition at Scottish Highland Games) where they smashed into pieces and were gobbled up by the waiting woolies.  Pumpkin seeds are reputed to have anthelmentic properties be bad for worms.
 Cameo buries her face right into the seeds.
 Twizzler wouldn't look at me at all...
 Deja nibbles oh so daintily on her half.
 Wee Zanzibar is overdue for a sheep suit change!  She is finally catching up with the other two yearlings in size.  Her fleece is scrumptious under there.
 Fancy says she's getting chubby because she is hogging the pumpkins.
 Beltane in the foreground hasn't burst out of his suit, even though it needs to be changed.  He ripped it rubbing on a fence post.  He will have to be put into a size E this weekend. Gaia in the background will probably stay in her D for now and I'll take out the gussets I put into her suit.
 "Hey Beltane, are you sharing?  My seeds are all gone!"
"Sorry Gaia, a growing boy needs all the goodies he can get!"


  1. Wow! So many sturdy and well kept fluffikins! I am impressed. Do pardon the noob but those little sheet/blankets you put on them are for their crittery health or for maintaining their fluff?

  2. Hi flamekaat- the sheep blankets are to keep all those tiny bits of hay out of the fleece...saves the sanitiy of the shepherd!

  3. Good explanation Sherry. The only sheep costumes here are for pet lambies. Horses sometimes get them in the winter but some say they are not needed and others disagree. I went to the paddock for horse poos yesterday and the 2 hayburners fllowed me around til they lost interest in buckets of their own poop.