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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Barn Interior

 Looking from one set of double doors to the next.  The doors and walls on the left are the lean-to which is primarily for hay storage.

Closer look at the Lean-to doors.  The tarp is there to keep nosy llamas out of the hay!

This shot shows the working space for the humans...taken from the animal side.  You can see some hay peeking through the hay loft entrance.
On either side of the working space are these lovely hay ricks that my Mom built for us.  You can drop a bale of hay down into the work space and shake the flakes out right over the wall.  Very handy!  We all appreciate the help Mom!!
Looking into the human space you can see where all the "stuff" is kept.  I built those little wall shelves on either side of the door for storage space.  There will be a couple of cast iron hooks mounted up on the beam for us to hang the lead ropes and whatnot...haven't gotten to this level of organization yet!

See the support beam next to the shelf?  It is taken from a section of a hop-hornbeam trunk.  It had all these wierd little nubbies growing on it that looked a bit like shelf fungus.  There are four of them in the barn and they add a nice bit of character.  The collar ties (?) on the exterior walls are gracefully curved pieces of pine that were donated to the barn project by Christopher and Kathleen; leftover from when they built their post and beam house. The wood forming the stall walls is American beech- our friends the Olsons donated some of their stash to our barn project.  I think of all our dear friends and family who helped us whenever I go into the barn.
A three stack of English Angoras went into the barn...Peanut is the white bun on top, Buffy the bun in the middle, and Miss Mocha on the bottom.  Neither of them would deign to look at me with the camera in hand.  So far it hasn't been too drafty in their for them but I'm going to monitor it and move them into the house if need be.  Those double doors swing into the animal space so we humans can get in and the animals (besides the bunnies) stay out!
Tea and Chunk like eating in the barn.  I thought the hay ricks would keep more hay in but they still manage to spread it out on the ground.
 A view into the southwest corner of the barn.  Pikachu says if I take a step closer she's bolting!
 Of course, though her Mother Llilith looks warily on, Igraine the Brave is always eager to be of assistance.


  1. Now you will wonder how you ever survived winter chores without the sheltering barn. I can remember the barn dark but warm, the sweet smell of hay in winter mixed with the earthy scents of animals, and the soft noises from hooves on hay, breath in, breath out, and the low cooing voices of snug creatures. I love your barn and some day will make the westward trek to see it in action. Such a good
    project !!

  2. It is absolutely marvelous! I can just feel the cozy love! I'm so happy for you, your barn is a beautiful reward for all of your hard work and the kindness of friends and family. :)