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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


This morning I went out to move the hay feeders around.  The old hay is getting rather deep and I need to get out there with a pitchfork and enrich the compost pile.  In order to move the hay feeder I needed to rock it back and forth a bit and tip it over.  There was something dark under there.  What the heck is that???  Geez, it looks like...a...chicken???  Poke, poke....indignant squawk!

Evidently the poor speckled sussex who has been missing for around two weeks had wedged herself under there and the waste hay just piled up around the feeder and she couldn't get out.  Her keel is sticking out and her breast is quite thin but when I took her into the coop she immediately went to the feeder.  I'm sure she could get some bugs while trapped under there so that may have pulled her through.  Can you imagine being buried alive in wet stinky hay???  What a survivor....though I question her common sense for going there in the first place...


  1. Amazing that she lived all that time. Is it roasting hot up your way or normal temps? I could go for a swim at the beach off Harbor Island. LOL

  2. Sounds like a happy ending! (but a messy middle) Glad you found her! Yes.. I would hate to think about 2 weeks buried in stinky hay. I would've quit eating bugs a week ago and just given up!

  3. WooooHoooo. What an amazing little chicken! I'm glad you have her back. And even though it wasn't pleasant for least you don't have a sneaky predator snatching your chickens!

  4. So far she hasn't left the chicken yard...I think she has learned her lesson! I'm glad she didn't get snatched; so far no predation at our wee farm. Amazing.

    The weather here has been a bit on the cool side and very rainy! I'm starting to get worried about hay...