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Sunday, June 6, 2010

English Angora Kits- 5 days old

Dalilah's kits will be a week old tomorrow.  This photo was taken on their fifth day during a nest-keeping break.  It was needed!.  There are definitely four whites, one black, a chocolate and two darkish agouti.  They are thriving, even the wee runty white one.  I feel very fortunate that a first time mum is able to take care of all eight kits.  Clover remains defiantly kit free.  I bred three does the same weekend an only one took which is disappointing. Now to decide whether to breed Clover again or not...she just turned a year, and if I don't do it now we never will....but....eight kits!  Yikes.  Look at their sweet tiny feet....

1 comment:

  1. The kits all look really healthy. Congrats. If Clover hasn't produced you may want to rebred her right away for best results.

    My favorite Satin Angora doe had 7 healthy kits a couple hours ago. I'm really excited. She's a great doe with a wonderful disposition. The sireis a half brother.