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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Baby Bunnies 9 days old and other updates...

I had to get the kits out to change their nest box and couldn't resist taking a few more photos.  With eight kits in the box it gets wet pretty quickly!  It is hard to capture individual kits at this point so I tend to get these roiling masses of bunnies instead.
It is hard to tell which limbs belong to which bodies at times.  Their colors are becoming more defined everyday, and I just discovered this morning that the chocolate kit has one white foot and a few white hairs on it's forehead!  The kits eyes should be opening any day now so it will be interesting to see what color the whites eyes are.  They should all be REW.
One of the agouti kits has been claimed as well at the black (as long as they aren't all bucks that is!).  The agouti's have those pretty white lined ears and one is laying on top of the white babies. The wee runty kit is doing just fine and Dalilah is getting lots of treats to keep up her milk supply (dandelion leaves primarily).  She does like the occasional cheerio also.  I will be rebreeding Clover some time this week too.

Chicken updates:  The speckled sussex that was sitting on eggs in the barn has gone missing.  We don't know if something grabbed her or if she simply wandered away.  There was no evidence of predation (no feathers etc...and the eggs were not disturbed), but who knows.  I put her five eggs under the broody hens in the henhouse who kept getting on and off the nests and moving eggs from one nest box to the next (luckily I had marked them) they do that I can't figure out because there is a three-four inch drop to the ground so they have to push them out of the box and somehow get them back up that same space into the next box.  Anyway, long story short- we moved the little grey bantam hen into a dog kennel with the eggs and three of them have hatched.  They are very cute chicks- a speckled sussex and buff orpington cross.

We also went plant shopping this weekend and they had Aracauna chicks so we bought three of those as well.  I like the pretty green-blue eggs!  I think our chick total will be eleven...hopefully half of them will be hens.  The problem is they are all vary in age so they are in three different setups!  Chores are a bit more difficult that way of course.


  1. They are so preciously cute. I've never seen BABY baby bunnies before.
    Sorry about your Speckled Sussex. When we had chickens, the SS was our favorite. So gentle. I hope she just mysteriously returns to you again.

    By the way, my son Asa (rabbit lover) and I greatly admire Blackberry Jellybean. :)

  2. Blackberry Jellybean is a great bunny. I'm so sorry you are allergic to rabbits! That must be a bummer. There isn't much cuter than a baby bunny I must admit (except perhaps shetland lambs!).

    I hope the SS returns too- we only had two of them and they hung out as a pair pretty much. They are so pretty! The chicks that hatched out of her eggs are the most adorable things I've seen..they are a SS cross with a buff orpington. I can't wait to see what their plumage turns out like.

    It looks like your Shetlands are staying in their coats! The gathering of fabric in the front of the suits has worked well here, still some skewing but I can live with that...

  3. Oh you did get my earlier comment about being allergic? Blogger kept telling me that there was a problem and it wouldn't publish. Thankfully my kids are not allergic, but being near Angora sends me to bed with Benedryl for about 3 days. Not a pretty site. But I must admit that the bunnies themselves are absolutely gorgeous. I bet they are a lot of fun. (My husband says he likes Clover best.)

    We had two SS in our flock as well. They also stayed very close together and really didn't mix with the rest of the flock very much. I wonder if that is a breed trait. The SS is our breed of choice once we get chickens again. And the Buff Brahma. Currently, both the potential coops are being used as storage sheds. That'll change once the garage is built...hopefully sooner rather than later. :)

    Thanks for the suggestion about gathering the suits in the front. I'm going to try that.

    Have a great day!