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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fair Trade

Petrucio, the shetland wether with attitude, went to be a companion to a lonely ewe a couple of weekends ago. I was grateful that someone, knowing his issues full well, was willing to give him a chance to keep someone company. Otherwise, he probably would have ended up in a neighbors freezer.The lady who drove 200+ miles to get him has a rabbitry. Now you may ask yourself "why would someone trade a shetland sheep with a fine fleece for the above scrawny rabbit whose sole purpose will be to entertain and not earn his keep?" I didn't come up with that on my own- it was pretty much what Will said after an incredulous "What are you going to do with that??"

Let me explain. On her way here, the rabbit lady took some of her buns to Tractor Supply Company where she supplies bunnies to be foisted on unwary parents who made the mistake of bringing a child along shopping at their favorite store. The folks at TSC didn't like the looks of this slender bunny who is part Rhinelander, a "racing" type breed, so she had him in a cage in the back of her vehicle. Did I mention that Lila was also outside? She saw the bunny and said OUT LOUD "Mommy, could we trade Petrucio for the bunny?" I hurridly shushed her and gave her the "hey cut it out!" panicky look. She smiled, tilted her head sideways and fluttered her eyelashes. Evidently the rabbit lady either heard her, or her keen intuition kicked in because she asked if Lila would like to hold him. After Lila had an armful of rabbit, I tried to give the rabbit lady some money for gas (as she really was doing us a big favor to take Mr. Petrucio). She smiled at me, as only a true salewoman can, and said "no, but you could take the bunny".

What was a girl to do I ask you? And just look at his ears! He has hind feet to match.

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