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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pygora Goats

This is Tea. She is a Pygora goat and lives at Great Lakes Pygora Farm in West Olive Michigan. We will be heading down to see her on Thursday on "our way" to visit Grandma and Grandpa.

Her fiber was spun into the pink yarn from a previous post and it has tons of luster and softness. I am in love with this goat. Doesn't she look sweet? Evidently her left side is the most photogenic as she apparently posed for most of these."No, I'm not fat...I'm pregnant!" She is due to kid any day now...I was hoping to see babies on Thursday but she so far is not cooperating. Everyone else at Allison's farm has given birth, but not Tea....
"I'm holding out! And since you asked, here is the right side of my body too".

"Look, someone is getting a pedicure! I'm waiting in line to go next. See my pretty beard?"

"This is my incredible fiber...those ringlets are actually white!"

All of these photos are courtesy of Allison. I will be taking more while we are down there....

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