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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sheep Crackers

It had been awhile since the last visit to the sheep pen with "sweeties". They remembered how much they enjoyed thm and I was greeted, er thronged, by appreciative sheep. It was very hard getting photos. Nine of twelve sheep are visible in this photo. Miss Elle is peeking over the top. This photo shows off the brown yearlings well. Fancy, in the background, is wondering why I am so far away with the cookies.
Three of the brown girls! Liz in the front, Zanzi in the middle and Gaia browsing for leftover bits in the back.

Winter Sky Deja Vu. She is such a sweetheart. I'm hoping her entire fleece modifies to look like the ruff around her neck. It is a nice emsket. Currently she looks more Iset than Shaela, but either way her fleece is lovely. You have to love all those Norse names eh? are Chunk and Amey. The sheep are starting to blow the end of February so bits of fleece are starting to come loose and they look a bit bedraggled. Amey's eye is starting to get cloudy again so I will be back out with the eye ointment. She just doesn't look the picture of health. I did a fecal egg count on her and didn't come up with much so I'm not sure what the issue is. I'll try to get another one today just in case I messed it up and get some miracle sheep vitamins into her (I forget what the liquid elixer is actually called but it smells yummy)...she is such a sweetie. Yesterday she was pulling loose wool off the other sheep and eating it- supposedly a sign of stress but I'm just not sure what she is stressed about.

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  1. yes, SweetPea is laying in a lounge chair and I was sitting in a chair next to her, we hang out together.

    Your blog looks interesting, I'll have to nose around.