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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Making Pierogis

I admit that I am not Polish. I probably have no business trying to replicate the wonderful Polish food that exists on the planet. BUT.... I love Pierogi! I spent my early 20's in the city of Flint and there was a nice sized Polish population there, which meant that at least during Lent, one could purchase hand made pierogi from a variety of sources. They were wonderful...especially the cabbage ones.
While at the grocery store last week I picked up the latest Martha Stewart Living magazine to flip through while waiting. There was a three page spread on making still my heart! No doubt that I was going to buy the magazine and give it a whirl. Well, it was a success hands down! The dough was easy to make, roll and cut out with my 3 inch biscuit cutter. Martha tells you to put the finished little dumplings on a cookie sheet lined with a linen towel (I love any excuse to use linen) and sprinkle corn meal on it before plumping down the pierogi so they don't stick. The purple stuff on the lovely linen towel above is corn meal, honest. I had bought the blue corn meal at the farmers market in Lansing on a visit down there from a local small mill.

I made both potato and cabbage pierogi. Above is the filling for the cabbage. I thought it would be impossible to close the dough around that much filling, but no problem! If you look close you'll see that they aren't in any way perfect but they tasted so good...even better warmed up the next day. The recipe made about 40, so some went into the freezer (though I just wanted to eat them all right then and not save ANY!).I didn't re-roll any of the scrap dough (at Martha's insistence) so the kids had a ball playing with it. We'll definately make it again!

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