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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Winter Carnival

There was much fun to be had at the Curtis Winter Carnival this past Saturday. The kids at Three Lakes Academy had prepped the iceskating rink for the crowds on the South Manistique Lake. Neither of the boys wanted to skate, but there was a fair bit of butt sliding going on. Lila spent a good hour on her skates and did quite well. Another fun event was the "Fish Coop". A small area of the lake was fenced off below the ice (using MSP divers to anchor it in place- evidently they could use the experience as a training session) and a bunch of rainbow trout dumped in. The fish weren't biting though....Lila caught a 12 inch fish, but as hard as Sam and his fishing assistant tried, no luck.
The most exciting event of the day was a dog sled ride! Natures Kennel's in McMillan had two teams of dogs there and for a fee, up to three people could ride in a sled. All three kids wanted to try this out! See the smiling man below? His name was also Sam.
Notice the huge smiles on the kids faces...they wore them the entire trip and were laughing when they got back from their fifteen minute adventure on the ice.
Here they are....coming back into the home stretch!
Dogs needed to be patted afterwards of course. They were a friendly group of lean Alaskan huskies.
They were actually quite sweet.

Sam really liked the lead dog.

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