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Friday, February 12, 2010


This is Ginger again. Does this photo remind you of anyone? Remember Doonsbury? (did I spell that right?) Bill the Cat ring a bell? AAaack!!! This is the picture just prior to the furball. Ginger is quite amused by himself and thinks that everything in the household is his toy...objects, humans and other animals alike. Grace in particular is a target and she generally sticks around to play a bit...even when Ginger batts her in the face, bites her lip and grabs her ears...
But, enough is enough! I'm outta here kitty cat! Find someone else to chew on!
This photo is not related at all, but Duncan asked to use the camera a couple of days ago and I downloaded the photos this morning. This one is titled "A perspective on eggs taken at eye height". They were freshly washed and sitting out to dry.

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  1. That last set up would make a great drawing assignment!! Love to all folks, Mare