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Friday, February 12, 2010

New Toys to make yarn

I had been looking for an umbella swift of somesort to make using the ballwinder more efficient and to free up Will's arms. Then I started wondering, is there any REAL difference between a skein winder and a swift? Well, you can't wind a skein from your spinning wheel onto a swift (or not very easily anyway), but you CAN wind a ball from your skeiner! Hmm. This seems to save a piece of equipment! And, now I only have to use my niddy noddy when I really want to (and sometimes I do). Warning: the following is a shameless plug for Ashford. WELL! I gleefully browsed the woolery website (okay, another shameless plug. But it is such a candy store for fiberholics), and decided that I like the looks of the Ashford Kiwi Skeiner. It comes unfinished and you need to do some minimal sanding and apply some sort of finish to it. I also purchased a can of the Ashford wax polish as Josie (the wheel above) also could use a bit of clean up and polish. It smells good! I was able to do the light sanding of edges and apply the polish in the space of a lunch hour.
It works great and looks pretty. The drawback is that the kids all want to "do it" too. Or just spin it around because it is fast and smooth.

This is the plied yarn from the singles I posted earlier. It is a four ounce skein and 450 yards long. I use the Ashford Jumbo Flyer that Will bought me for Christmas two years ago to ply on to get a nice big skein.


  1. beautiful work! I also prefer a skein winder to a swift! It is good to know you like your kiwi. I bought a homemade one off of ebay years ago, and am about ready to find it a new home and get a nicer one.
    There are some really cool spinning tool marketplace groups on Ravelry I have found while looking for new wheels and tools

  2. I hate my swift. Thanks for making me not feel like a loser. I love my skein winder. Your yarn is very nice :-).

  3. You ladies are easy on the ego...thanks! :)