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Thursday, April 23, 2009

What about the rest of us?!?!

Mmamma Llama Llilith...the llamas always think there is something magical about a camera... Yes, that is a dog house in the background. The sheep love either sleeping in it or standing on it.

Lila and Daddy giving sheep pats to Nala- the white llama is Pikachu.

I finally got a few minutes to try rooing some cheek wool- it works! I had brought a paper bag out with me but it completely freaked out the sheep and the llamas wanted to play with it. Next time I will bring a bucket. The llama is Igraine, she is Lliliths daughter and is just barely a year old. When we got the llamas from the rescue, two of them were pregnant!

The white stuff is now gone, but I love this photo of Nala in snow.

This is Winter Sky Fancy Pants- Fancy for short, but you can see where she got the name. She is one big sweetheart and loves to lay down next to me in the pasture. She even lets me trim her feet that way! (I wish they all did...)

Almost the whole sheepish shetland crew (minus the expectant mothers)- pre snow melt. The old barn was falling apart so it is being torn down to make room for a new small barn that we will start building this spring as budget allows.... We'll keep you updated!

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  1. I'm a friend of Mary MacKinnon and live in Texas where we have a farm. I love your blog!