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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Deja's lamb

Last evening at twilight, Deja brought this strapping ram lamb into the world...

I suspected twins since she was so large, but this fella weighed in at seven pounds. He is bigger than his half sister Gaia who is now five days old.

He is a lovely dark bitter chocolate moorit, with a splash of white on his forehead, a tiny ruff of white between his ears, and a white beauty mark to the side of his nose, I guess that makes his markings blettet. His fleece is tightly crimped from his neck to his tail, but his flanks are "fuzzy" over the top of his curls- indicative of a dual coated beast or perhaps that will disappear?

Now what to do with the fellow?? We have a fiber wether currently who has attitude issues and I'm wary of horns and kids together. Petruchio consistently knocks the kids down and has had a go at both Will and I (he has SUCH a nice fleece though!). He was a bottle fed baby so I don't know if he knows his boundaries with humans. I don't want to have a repeat experience with the new lamb- it seems like many people have pet wethers who are nice... I'm certainly leaning towards keeping him. He is a nice color and seems very sweet. I think we'll name him Spinners End Beltane- Tane or Tain for short.

Anyway, Elle was quite beside herself when she heard the new boy bleating...she ran right over and tried to help clean him off. Deja didn't seem to mind, but I was concerned about her trying to "steal" the baby from Deja. Elle continued most of the night to bleat about the situation and after my third check (and all was well) of the maternity pen at 1:00 am, I decided to turn off the monitor to get some sleep before having to get up at 5:40 am to get the kids off to school.
No post would be complete without a picture of the Princess she is at five days old sunning herself in the warm April sun.

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