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Friday, April 3, 2009

Salutations from Spinners End!

I realized this past week that one of my favorite things to do after the chaos of work, dinner and getting the kids settled down to bed was checking out a few of the blogs I had recently discovered while looking for information about shetland sheep. In fact, it was becoming a little obsessive....whose sheep had given birth? Did someone else find a good shearer? Who is Rooing sheep out there??? What wisdom and advise does "Dream" the oracular sheep have today? :) I thought starting my own blog might help connect me to the shepherds world just a little more, and maybe someone else would be interested in our little chaotic world as I am with theirs.
animal family is (at the moment) composed of three llamas, ten shetland sheep, four english angora rabbits, two "pet" rabbits, two cats, three dogs (including two newfies which count really for four dogs), and one lonely goldfish. Two of the shetlands are due to lamb starting next primary impetus for searching out lamb posts! Our first lambs ever. Nervous and excited!! Twenty five chicks will be coming the last week of April and we will be having a litter of Angora bunnies in May. Will have lots of pictures to post soon!

This is Winter Sky Deja Vu. She was bred to Winter Sky Kodachrome, owned by Karen Valley. Deja has a very soft fine fleece that is starting to modify...Deja just celebrated her second birthday with some extra oats.

This lovely girl is Winter Sky Elle, also bred to Kodachrome. She is the cutest little gulmoget...and has a very soft lock type fiber in shaela. Elle will be turning one very shortly!

We can't wait to see what their lambs look like. Kodachrome is such a handsome flashy moorit ram.

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