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Monday, April 27, 2009

English Angora Rabbits

This is what it's all about...English Angora fiber!!! It is so incredibly soft and fine- like spinning clouds. It blends very nicely with shetland wool.This lovely girl is Mocha- she is a great wooler and is bred for early May babies! Her fiber is a lovely dove grey color.

Buffy (the wererabbit slayer) has a lovely apricot & cream colored fiber- she is very tolerant of being plucked as well. Plucking the fiber is quite easy as the hair is already loose and ready to come out anyway. It is much quicker to cut the hair, but the ends are blunt and stick together and you get short fibers mixed in with the long lustrous locks which makes for harder spinning.

This is Spice. This is not a posed photo...she likes to jump in and out of the basket I use to pluck their hair into (when empty of course!). Spice's fiber is a dove grey also, with a slight brownish tone.

Last of all is our buck Wensleydale. He and mocha paired up to make some lovely kits I hope! He is a blue-eyed white english angora. His fiber is exceptionally fine and a bright white.

English Angora fiber from the rabbits above is available for sale at my Etsy site which can be accessed by the side bar to the right of the posts. Etsy is an awesome community of folks that make and sell handmade goods- you can spend hours browsing...

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