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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day Lamb

This Earth Day morning, Winter Sky Elle decided to grant us the honor of her first lamb...a tiny dark moorit gulmoget ewe with white socks on her back legs up to the hock, white slippers on her front legs, and a white head with panda eyes and other markings...the tear drops gulmogets typically have are white! I will need help with the markings so stand by for the photos...probably will be able to post some tomorrow. I'm thinking of naming her Spinners End Gaia in honor of the day.

You experienced shepherds...will she stay so dark??? I love it. Elle is a first time mom so I expected to hear some noise from her through the monitor (glad I didn't get rid of it with all the other baby stuff) but she didn't utter a single peep. The first thing I heard out of the monitor was the tiny bleating of a lamb....what a nice thing to wake up to at 6:15 in the morning! When I got outside to the maternity ward Elle was very attentive at licking the dear one off. I was able to sneak in there and clip, dip and strip pretty quickly. The baby was trying to nurse and mum was turning circles but she was finally able to latch on and get a meal. She looks so tiny...I haven't weighed her yet. She had a nice warm mouth, but she doesn't look like she has a huge full tummy so I will have to keep an eye on her. This being our first lamb I'm sure I'm being over cautious, but.....

Not a bad day to lamb- two of the kids are home sick from school- Lila with a high fever and Sam puking. Will took Duncan off to preschool for some exciting project involving marble tracks/runs that he (Duncan) was rather excited about. The other two are laying here on the couch listening to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix book on tape. A bonus for me!

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