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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Lamb Watch!

This is the week.....Maya is due tomorrow (based on an observed breeding), and Elle, Gaia and Daisy were put in with Mull at a back date which puts them due anytime from this week forward.  Gaia looks ready to pop and her udder grows noticeably bigger by the day.  Who will go first?  Maya or Gaia (They rhyme.). They are all definitely pregnant....we tipped Daisy to trim her toes and around her udder (she is half Cormo and REALLY wooly, hence the need for a trim) and she is bagging up too!  Oh dear...I have meetings away the next two days so I'm hoping they can hold off until Friday.  Not to mention we are back in the single digits tonight, with even more snow due Thursday.  This feels like the longest winter ever...but lambing presses on.

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