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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Lamb and Weather updates

Well things are beginning to look up for us in the EUP.  We've had a couple of days that have hit fifty and the snow is rotting.  The ducks are having the time of their lives in all the puddles and mud!  The downside is you can't walk anywhere in the yard without snowshoes, and the aged and senile Waters has had to be rescued a couple of times when he has walked off the trodden path.

Kim and her sweet brother are doing very well!  They are bouncing around and giving their mother fits.

 As you can see, Kim is growing quite well.  The sock sweater used to fit all the way down to her rump, and the leg holes had to be enlarged.  This was the last day she wore her sweater; I felt with the nasty storm we were getting she would benefit by wearing it but she doesn't need it anymore.

This guy is a serious sweetheart.  He bounds over for pats, while Kim needs to be coaxed over.

 Bouncing and pats take a lot out of a lamb so there must be recharge time.

This is Soay; she was one of Deja's twin lambs from last year (not the bottle fed one).  
She was always very shy but you could tell she wanted to be patted really.  This past weekend she finally, finally let me scratch her brisket and chin....and then she couldn't get enough!  Both she and her sister Eigg are miniature versions of their Shaela dam.  I almost sold Soay last year, but something told me to hang on to her and I'm glad I did because she has a fabulous fleece!  And a winning smile too.


  1. Such cuties all of them. It almost makes me want to get some sheep! :) Great pixs.


  2. The lambs are cute and I'm glad you kept Soay because the first thing I thought when I saw the picture was that she is smiling.