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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Elle's Lambs!

Yesterday morning, during what feels like our normal April snow shower, Elle gave birth to twins.

 It was cold and wet so they needed to be brought into the house to be dried off. I picked the little ram first because he was the least active of the two.

 It took about 15 minutes with the hair dryer (I've had that thing since high school- which was a very long time ago....) to get him completely dry.  He seemed to enjoy it and stood still for a long time.

   Of Course, it is always good to sit on a warm lap while you are getting some attention.

   Will sacrificed an older sweat shirt so we could put little coats on them to keep the chill out.  The kitties were very interested in this whole process.

   Next came the rambunctious ewe!  Her markings were a little surprising to say the least. Mull carries spots and has the black (yuglet) eye patches, but the body markings were what really surprised me (Flecket).

   She did not want to stand still for the drying, but was willing to sit on my lap.

Even her tummy has spots!

 Modeling her new coat with approving stares from the peanut gallery.

 Out with Mom.

Why are the rams always so bloody cute???  He has this patch of longer hair on his head that is really funny, and those wee white marks on his face contribute to his all over adorable-ness.

Blow drying them disturbed their lock structure somewhat so it was difficult to evaluate their fleece.
 They are definitely soft, and appear to have the coat that Mull had when he was born, which was less than thrilling at the time, but ended up butter soft a few weeks later.  Hopefully, they will follow suit!

Still waiting on Gaia.

"Be patient woman!  Good things come to those who wait."
(Ya, but she looks likes she's going to 'splode...)

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