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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

Still waiting on lambs.....I strongly suspect Gaia could go today based on her behavior. It is rather drizzly and grey out today.

Lila made these sweet roll creations at her friends house yesterday. The egg is baked right along with the pastry and it was quite good. We had them for breakfast this morning.

These are the eggs we colored yesterday. They always turn out a little "off color" because we use the eggs from our flock of which very few are white; these were cream, pale brown and blue-green.

I'm hoping the rain will stop soon...need to clean out some bunny cages and it is much more fun in the sunshine! Today Will is also boiling down sap and adding rainwater to the mix takes it a little longer! Someday we will have a roof over the evaporator. :)



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  1. The pastries are darling and the eggs look great too.