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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Suri Yarn

This is the last of the yarn I needed to spin for the Kickstarter alpaca project! Heather was very patient with me as I worked up the fiber and began spinning at a crazy time of year.

The black skein is from Mattie's cria fleece and the dark brown from Iona's. It is pure Suri and was tricky to prep at first before I got the hang of it, and you need to spin it as you would silk or fine mohair; from the fold. It is quite lovely to work with and the yarn just glows.

This week is National Spinning and Weaving week so I've challenged myself to get a pound of dark brown Shetland blended with Suri done this week for Virginia who is one of our CSA shareholders.

This is what it looks like now...

It is so soft!



  1. National spinning and weaving week is this week??? Guess I'd better get busy!

  2. That looks beautiful, and I imagine would be extremely warm.