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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Cider time!

One of my favorite fall activities is cider making. For the past several years, when apples are abundant, we get together with Dougette and sometimes an assortment of other friends, and press cider.

This year we had four varieties of apples and two varieties of pears that my Mother brought up from her tree and my cousin Darlene's tree. They are an incredible addition to apples in cider.

There isn't much to it after gathering up the apples. You toss a well blended mix into the hopper and grind away and then press the resulting pulp, collect the cider and filter through muslin cloth (a friend jokingly asked if this was Yooper pasteurization).

We ended up pressing thirteen and a half gallons of the nectar! Eight are in our freezer and a half gallon is waiting to be enjoyed with supper (pasties and Brussel sprouts and broccoli). The weather was crisp but the sun peeked out from time to time for which we were grateful. It was a day well spent.





  1. I did this last weekend with a friend I hadn't seen for two years. Lots of fun and her 20 something boys did the bulk of the work. Lots of food and fresh cider... so good. It looks like it is getting cool over your way. I got garlic planted and half my garden put to rest for the season.
    Love from Maine,

  2. Oh that sounds soooooo good. There is one place near Dundee where you can buy unpasteurized cider. We love it that way.