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Friday, October 4, 2013

Long John Silver


Today Long John Silver went to his new forever home with Denise and Jeff.

They are kind and loving people so he will be in good hands....and he will be missed here.

Thank you Denise and Jeff!

It was good to meet you in person and we will be keeping up with your blog and will see LJS grow up!



  1. Sherry, thank you! LJS is a sweetie. We've renamed him Linus, so we can still refer to him, if need be, as LJ (Linus Johnson). He was a great traveler and slept most of the way. Now that he is home he would love to play with his new feline family but they are a bit skeptical. I'm sure they'll come around. He loves to be with us and follows us from room to room. He has his first vet check up tomorrow.