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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Careful....the cuteness factor is killer!

We rolled in around 11:00 pm after a record breeze through Sault customs....I don't think we've ever had such a cheerful customs officer and the entire process took about ten minutes including the wait time,

This is the first image I was treated too after waking up this morning (this is easy since these fuzzy bits reside in our master bath):

If only I had centered it!



  1. Beautiful kittens. Remember Uncle Dan's advise. : )
    Aunt Mary in Maine

  2. You've got a bit of everything in there; I'll take the long-haired Tabby.

  3. I love the little orange and white cutie. If you're looking for homes for them I would be interested. We're even going to be in the UP in early September!

  4. I see I didn't sign my post about the orange kitty. :(
    Denise J

    1. We can't practically keep them all I'm there will be a couple of them available! We haven't quite decided which ones to keep yet but we do already have an orange cat..... :). They will be ten weeks old August 29th so your timing would be great. Feel free to send me an email at Denise!