Shop at Spinner's End Farm

Monday, July 15, 2013


Will went to a really neat auction a few weeks back and bought a box of tools. In the box were two tools that were rather puzzling. Turns out they were kitchen tools; a long thin screwdriver looking thing that had an eye in the end and a sharp tip that is used to lace pieces of fat through a roast...called a "larder"; and the lovely piece below called a "hachinette" made in France and used for chopping herbs. We found the perfect Munising wooden bowl and Lila minced up some sage for dinner.




  1. Hi all-we have a similar type thing used by the Inuits. We brought it back from Alaska and it has not been worn out. see you in a week or so. Johnny and Syl

  2. Neat find! I love auctions, rummage sales, etc.

  3. I'd call it a Mezzaluna, but that's probably because I live in France where foreign names are considered more chic.