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Thursday, July 4, 2013


Introducing.....Daisy! I have been desiring some more white wool in our flock and when our only white ewe Nala produced a black lamb (Rum), I knew I had to look elsewhere.

And since my friend Karen is a sheep enabler, she found me a beautiful Shetland / Cormo cross ewe at Stephen Rouse's farm and delivered her to our door last week. Her name is Daisy and she was born in February so she is the oldest and biggest lamb here. She is a sweetheart too....loves sheep scritches and hugs and tolerates kisses very well.

Cormo's are much larger than Shetlands so she s going to be the big sheep on campus here, and she is already the same size as our smaller ewes. Her fleece is amazingly crimpy and fine and there is already a lot of it! Can't wait to spin some of it next spring!


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