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Monday, July 9, 2012

Angora Kits

I may have mentioned I didn't think I'd breed the bunnies again.  I considered long and hard about what my options would be for the future, and bred two of last years kits to preserve those options.  I've decided to be much more picky about the folks I'm willing to sell bunnies to (Spinners who are interested in the wool are much more likely to take care of their animals than those interested in an unusual pet) and am excited to have a few spinning homes lined up already.

Esmerelda (Esme) and Blackberry Jellybean paired up for this litter:
 Esme is Chocolate tort: aa bb C_ D_ ee Vv
Blackberry is a black: aa Bb C_ D_ Ee Vv

Three torts and three whites.

I think there is a black tort, a chocolate tort, and a blue (or lilac) tort?
If that kit in the middle is a dilute tort than they both carry d as well.  Not sure if the whites are BEW at this point or REW...will know for sure when their eyes are open and then we can fill in those c's maybe.  The dilute tort has a vienna mark on it's head.

Aren't those teeth just precious?

Nuala and Bigwig paired up and made these four kits:
Nuala is a lilac: aa bb C_ dd E_ V_
Bigwig is a chestnut agouti: Aa Bb C_ D_ E_ Vv

I thought what we had first was an agouti, two whites (BEW or REW?) and a chocolate, but looking closer I realized the brown kit was also agouti.

...and lightening up a bit as the hair grows.  This kit is 7 days old in this photo.  I don't know if it is chocolate or lynx (or something else?)! 

I also started imagining that this kit was rather dark for a chestnut agouti, but that could be my imagination.  A chinchilla would be nice, but the coloring is rather brown.  Very sweet.

This kit also has a rather whitish foot that I'm wondering if it is a vienna mark.

 Here are the two agouti siblings side by side in the sunlight. 

Annette and Lisa???