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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Angora Kit Color development

The wee bunnies have opened their eyes and coat color continues to develop.  I didn't realize how fuzzy this picture was so forgive me!

I've convinced myself the dark kit is a chestnut agouti and the lighter one likely a chocolate (sometimes called cinnamon) agouti.  The other two kits from this litter are indeed Blue-eyed Whites.

Bunny face washing is my favorite activity to witness.

The other litters (Esmerelda and Blackberry) white bunnies are Ruby-eyed whites!  Those are the first born here at the farm.  They are quite cute.

The nest of barn swallows fledged just in time....

...for this stuff to start arriving.  We put 425 bales into the barn this week.  Nice hay from a new source.  My hands are still sore...


  1. Beautiful baby bunnies ! I like the swallows too...they look so very real . I remember getting in the's always hot out, and they are heavy but smell so good !

  2. I think the choc might be a choc. tort. What color is its belly?