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Monday, July 16, 2012

Some Eweper Fiber Fair Fotos

The 2012 Eweper Fiber Fair was a success!  We had a few more vendors and would have been full except for two last minute cancellations.  Hopefully next year we'll be crammed to the walls! Having variety and many things to look at and touch is key to a good event.

I'm hoping that folks in the rest of our crew had their cameras out because I didn't get many photos of the Fair this year.  Lila had the camera while I was doing the Spinning a Rabbit demonstration so there are a few more of those...

Yarn bowls, hand knit shawls, bobbin lace bookmarks and handspun yarn.

Hand woven baskets (I coveted many of them, but took my money home to buy hay instead).

Susan, the basket weaver, is working on piecing together a hand knit cable cardigan.

Hand woven shawls and hand made beaded shawl pins.

More hand woven goodies (dishtowels!), felting kits, and fiber.  There were many spinners demonstrating.

Handmade quilts, locker hooked rugs and supplies.

Alpaca fleece, roving and yarn!
That is my handspun on the far right front...I forgot to take a picture of my own table.

Spinning a rabbit.  This had a few folks confused (and some concerned)!

Buffy (the Were-rabbit slayer) sat nicely in my lap the entire half hour.
It was a long half hour!

Because all of those things happen to you when you are under pressure and slightly claustrophobic and answering know, breaking your yarn, coming undone from your leader etc... everything but a rabbit peeing on you. (phew).

The learning demonstrations were the best of all.
Hopefully, there are more photos!


  1. Looks like fun. I'm going to have to get up there for it one of these years.

  2. I would covet some of those baskets too. Here no-one uses plastic bags; the more chic the basket, the better. Some of those quilts would tempt me too. Not too many guys around, I notice!