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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

This, That and ta Other thing

Miscellaneous doings around the farm/life/etc....

The second to last day of school Lila was recognized for having the highest score on the MEAP test for Reading of all fifth graders in the Eastern Upper Peninsula Intermediate School District!  She had 100%.  Thats my girl!

This day also was field day.  I hung out with the 2nd and 3rd grade class.
This was a team work exercise passing the hula hoop down the line of kids holding hands.

The obligate sack race.

More team work on a three-legged race. 
Good thing Sam kept up cause big Nick would have just dragged him across the finish line!

This was taken just prior to Morgan and Duncan tripping over each other and then blaming the other one for falling over.  They didn't quite get the teamwork thing down.


Alternate use for stock tank. 
This tank was given to us by a friend but it is too deep for the sheep to use so we use it to collect rainwater in to water the plants.  But first it was used as a mini pool.

We couldn't find Lila's suit so she is wearing one of mine (that I no longer fit into but kept for some reason). She now has a more appropriate suit (but will probably be wearing this one in five years time again)!

Well water.  Cold well water.

Duncan gets his cast of today...yay!  I don't think I took a single picture of him with that cast darn it.  He thought he was pretty cool wearing it too.  I'm glad he will be able to take a shower by himself more assisted baths!

I'm half way through washing fleeces and then Lila and I will make the mad dash down to Zeilengers to have it magically converted to roving while we hang out in little bavaria with Grandma Marilyn, and then drive north again.  These mini road trips are exhausting but a fun bonding experience. 

One of the Speckled sussex X Buff Orpington chicks from last year hatched FIFTEEN eggs a couple weeks back.  She was sitting on a clutch of 19 eggs.  These chicks should be 75% Buff orpington and 25% speckled sussex, except I think her mother laid a couple of eggs in this nest so there will be a few of the 50:50 crosses again.

More good is raining!  Grass is growing as we speak so sheep can convert it to wool.
  That is the real purpose of grass in case you were wondering.


  1. Ha; love that last paragraph! So true! (Well, it feeds our horses, too.)

  2. Firstly well done to your daughter, Lila.

    Although I have lived in France for the last 40 years, I am originally from Sussex.... our hens are the best! Here I have just 3 Turkens; the world's ugliest chickens. That's life!

    1. If we ever order chicks again I would get more Sussex- they are such wonderful Mother's to their chicks, and so beautiful. They are most definitely escape artists though!

  3. Yeah Lila !!!!!!! Sam will do it next...if he pays attention.

    Love these pictures and and baby chick...what could be better ?

  4. There really is another use for grass and sheep but I won't tell right now. We are having ---- chops tonight.