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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Marching in like a Lion

I've always liked the March weather predictability mantra "in like a lion, out like a lamb" or vice versa.  It seemed to work when we lived in Southern Michigan, but it doesn't work in the UP at all.  It is always "in like a lion and out like a lion".  We've come to accept that; it is March in the UP after all and it does mean that April is on its way and maple syrup time and spring ephemerals.  So, even if the weather is not rosy our thoughts and hopes are.

I've been spinning a bit all winter and had accumulated a few skeins of yarn I didn't have plans for so put them in my Etsy shop yesterday.

This is a skein of BFL/Tussah (75/25) that I dyed with leftover dye from the kids Fiber arts class.  I didn't want to waste the dye and I was pleased the way the fiber drank up the dye.  The silk gives it such a lovely sheen, and it is VERY soft.  I have some of the undyed fiber in my Etsy shop for sale also.

When we take our annual trip to New Hampshire, I like to visit River's Lee Farm which is just down the road from Josie and Alis's house.  This is border leicester lamb and alpaca.  It reminds me of gazing across a freshly plowed field at a very blue horizon.

This roving too was from River's Lee Farm.  More Border Leicester and alpaca.  It is a pretty blue with purple flashes here and there.

This was roving I purchased at the Chippewa County Fair last summer from Maple Row Farms.  I call it "Strawberry Fields".  It is Romney lambswool.

This is also Romney Lambswool from Maple Row Farms- it reminds me of Mardi Gras colors.

Moorit Shetland from our own farm- Liz and Fallon donated the fiber for this skein.

Recycled Sari silk and black Shetland from our farm.  This is VERY soft and flashy.

The bunnies have been working hard all winter making fuzz also.  The torts (chocolate, black and blue) have such a lovely cream colored fiber.  I had been hoarding a bit of it and finally got it in the shop along with some new fibers from Ashland Bay.  When that box came I dove in and didn't come up for air for some time.  There was silk (both Honey tussah and bleached), cashmere (!!), baby camel down, baby camel & silk, alpaca & silk, mulit colored merino, ecru merino, and Bfl & silk.  Yumm.  Check them out at the Etsy shop or come on over and give them a feel at the farm.

I've also picked up a few knitpicks items to try my hand at:  the options Harmony Wood circular needles, ball winders (for $21.00!), birch yarn swifts and various knitting tools.  They are going over well here at the farm shop and online. 

Having Fun!!!


  1. This is a seriously beautiful blog!
    And I love, love the dolls! :)

    The Little Prince is wonderful.....but I always cry. Especially when he meets the Fox. ;)

    I hope you draw a sheep.